Modern Love Poems for Him

You Really Know How to Bug Me

modern love poems for him

You are an itch that I just can’t scratch
Clothes scattered all over the floor
Mount Everest has nothing on you
Dishes piled high to the sky
Flies gather in respect for you
Buzzing with miscommunication
Word you said I said you said

You really know how to love me
Secret heartfelt love notes
Quietly placed and positioned to be found
A random daisy
Pick on a random day for a random reason
Hours spent chatting
Late into the night about absolutely nothing at all

Now, let me weigh the pros and cons
You really know how to bug me
You really know how to love me
Which matters more?

I’ll pick up your clothes and wash your dishes
If you pick more flowers and send more love notes
I’ll try to understand when nothing is said
If you promise to blabber in my ear forever more

I really love how much you bug me

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