Looking for some love poems for him? 2Convey offers an archive of modern love poems by users like you and classic love poetry by famous poets. Better yet, contribute your own work of poetry to help others enchant their lover’s heart.

A short word about love

Love is not black or white, nor is it confined to a strict definition. Love can be an emotion in its beginning stages and gradually mature into true love: a state of constant being. This strong emotion can often be associated with other strong emotions – joy, fear, guilt, sadness, etc.- and so what better way to explore its far reaching meaning than in poetry.

What is love poetry?

“You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. I know by experience that the poets are right: love is eternal.”

E. M. Forster in A Room with a View

As with Love, poetry too is not held captive by rules and guidelines. It is up to the poet’s creativity and discretion to determine its form and purpose. Poets across the ages have been playing with words in ordered to evoke emotions. And depending on the poet’s motivation, love poems may evoke emotions such as admiration, sorrow, unrequited love, or even resentment. Love poetry is about  embracing the hearts of lovers and mending the broken hearted. Every poet and every audience across the distances of time relish in its lines and relish in their unique interpretations. Whether it be to voice unspoken words, to better understand conflicting emotion, to capture a moment in time, or to convey deep felt passion – love poetry is personal journey.

The right love poems for him

In determining if a poem is well written, you must ask yourself the question, “How does it make me feel?”. The right love poems for him not only express emotions you feel, but more importantly, the right poems evoke emotions within him. In a great poem, the expressed emotion(s) may be physically manifested into a thumping heart, tears of joy, and warmth of the soul.

When you read or write love poems for him, practice analyzing the work and determine its message and goal. Start by asking these questions:

  • What is the purpose of this poem?
  • What is my message of love for him?
  • What emotions am I trying to express and will he mirror my emotions from reading this poem?
An example from a visitor

I woke up this morning with love on the mind (1)

It danced circles around my neurotransmitters (2)

Trickling my pituitary gland (3)

When it got bored of playing ‘round and round the garden’ (4)

It swiftly moved on to surfing the crimson waves (5)

Hang eleven, Dude! This is Epic (6)

I woke up this morning with love on the heart (7)

Pitter-patter (8), my heart is in tatters (8) (9)

Love thought it best (10)

To serve a frozen (11) glass of adrenaline (12)

And a stale (13) loaf of norepinephrine (12)

Love thought it best (14)

I woke up with morning with love on the mind (15)

I woke up this morning with love on the heart (15)

Love jumped through hoops (16)

I dodged bullets (17)

We tango the deadly dance (18)

But tonight I rest my head (19) with no love in my bed (20)


This poem is a modern/contemporary poem that does not follow a specific rhyming pattern. The poet illustrates how a teenager may experience love – she or he may  wake up absolutely infatuated but go to bed feeling indifferent.

The poet makes use of images of the love-brain and love-heart connection. These are typically things that a teenager would be studying in biology. There is a strong link to the feelings of love and sexuality to puberty and adolescence. The fact that the sport of surfing has been touched on indicates that it is written from a youngster’s perspective.

  1. Referring to the effects love has on the brain.
  2. Scientist believe there are three neurotransmitter that are involve in the attraction process of love: adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin.
  3. The pituitary gland is often considered the most important part of the endocrine system. It produces hormones that control many functions of other endocrine glands.
  4. Referring to a playful and childish game played while tickling a youngster. The poet may be implying that she feels love is a playful yet childish game.
  5. Referring to menstruation and puberty – the beginning of sexual awareness.
  6. This is when a male surfer rides his board in the nude. The poet is exploring a new found sexuality.
  7. Referring to the effects love has on the heart.
  8. Onomatopoeia, alliteration and referring to the thumping of the heart when one is in love.
  9. Implying the poet’s heart has been torn, heart broken or maybe fearful of these new emotions being experienced.
  10. Implying love does not know what it is doing.
  11. The poet is conveying negative feelings with the use of unpleasant images. It should also be noted that frozen implies the inability to move – the poet may be feeling frustrated or trapped.
  12. Adrenaline and norepinephrine are responsible for the pounding feeling of the heart when in love.
  13. Again the poet expressed negative emotion – possible a feeling of love that is now old.
  14. Repetition – putting emphasis on the fact that the poet does not think love know best.
  15. Repetition, the purpose being to connect the first to stanza with the closing stanza.
  16. Referring to the lengths teenagers will do to find and feel loved.
  17. The poet feels as if she avoid serious danger by not falling in love.
  18. Tango – an elaborate and coordinated dance. The poet refers to her experience with love as a dance that was meant to be enjoyable but turned out to be not so pleasant.
  19. Implying the business of love is hard work and she needs to rest.
  20. The poet tells how she is content with not being in love.

Want to write your own love poems for him?

Before attempting to write your own love poems for him, you must first determine the purpose and motivation behind your poems. Once you have defined your motivation, the emotion, the “heart” of the poem, can be addressed.

An effective way of expressing your emotions is through the use of rich and emotive language and imagery. You can achieve this by using metaphors, similes and allegories. For example, if you are trying to convey the frustration of forbidden love (a la Romeo & Juliet), you can make use an allegory that depicts the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. This allegory also allude to the temptations and frustrations associated with the inability to satisfy a burning desire. If you aim to convey intense passion for your lover, you can compare the intensity of your love to intense heat of the sun. However you choose to make use of imageries, ensure that the link/connection is clear but not too obvious. Allow the reader to work though the thought process and offer a connection as a reward – let the reader enjoy the “Ah ha!” moment.

Powerful adverbs and adjectives are also useful in expressing strong emotion. Let’s take a look at the following lines:

  1. He was sweating
  2. The glistering beads of sweat profusely dripped from his face.

Sentence 1 is a basic observation. Yet, sentence 2 depicts a clear picture of how it happened. By painting a clear picture with your words, you will be giving your reader more than just auditory value but also visual values that makes the emotion tangible. Your loves poems for him should visually and audibly enchant him.

Poems that most effectively convey emotions were written in the heat of the moment, while the emotion is still tangible and fresh. Don’t wait too long trying to think and decipher your feelings. That is why poets write poetry – let your poem be your thought process. Crucial feelings may be forgotten if you wait too long. If you are unable to sit down and pour your heart out on to paper at that moment, jot down important points that you can go back to when the time is better suited.

And finally, love poetry is a personal journey and as such, your work should be a representation of who you are. Does this poem bring me pleasure? It should and as a poet, your first goal should be to write for your own enjoyment. Don’t try write a poem that will please the creative taste buds of the mass. B rather, write to soothe the burning desires of your heart. This is what great love poetry is about. So focus on yourself and then proceed to write fantastic love poems for him that will enchant his mind and capture his heart.