Love an inexplicable feeling that can never be restricted to the definition of a few words. It is much more easily experienced than defined. Love unifies us and brings us closer to people. It is free, and yet, it binds us in an invisible bond; A bond which can never be seen, but only experienced.
A love poem is written to express this inexplicable feeling of love. Very often, the emotion of love controls our mind, overpowers our soul, and keeps us from doing anything else until we express it. Due to this reason, many of us choose to express our feelings through a couple of words. These couple of words that resonates our emotion and express our deepest feelings of love for someone; come to be called as a love poem.

The purpose of a love poem is to express our feelings of love to someone we’re in love with. Its purpose is to tell our loved ones how we feel about them. In simpler words, it is a medium to express our underlying emotions of love. At times, we also write a love poem to express our feelings of un-reciprocated love, to express the pain of love or to simply find inner peace. Love poetry seeks to delve into the intricacies of the psychology of love, explore the grief and loss of love and finally understand the difference between love and lust. Love is rare, ephemeral, and, at times, perilous too. Love poetry seeks to explore these varying perspectives associated with love.

Finding the right love poems for her?

We come across innumerable love poems every day. While many leading poets have composed brilliant love poems, there are also thousands of love poems written by budding poets. But, while browsing through these works and deciding on the perfect love poems for her, have you ever wondered what to look for in a good love poem?

Well, the first thing that you should look out for is the depth of feelings in the poem. The right love poems for her are never superficial. Rather, they are profoundly subtle. These poems link small details about the poet’s emotions. They should never sounds fake. Besides this, they also have beautiful tonal and structural qualities. These loves poems for her should evoke the emotions of love, happiness, grief and even pain in a beautiful way. A well-written love poem also has some hints of nostalgia about the poet’s beloved or about the moments spent with that special person. You can easily identify a good love poems for her by their mantric quality of language as they keep the reader completely engrossed and engaged in their lines. As you read more and more love poems, try to observe these mentioned qualities in the poems you read. These are the qualities that make a good love poem.

What emotions does a love poem evoke?

A well-written love poem evokes a host of beautiful and subtle feelings. It can evoke a feeling of untainted happiness of a fulfilling relationship or a feeling of immense pain and grief of losing a loved one. At times, it brings a sense of inner peace and at other times, it evokes an ambiguous feeling that can’t really be defined. Personally, a good love poem has always painted a sensory and evocative scene in my mind. It has evoked a mixed feeling of happiness, grief and helplessness. However, this entire context of evoking varied emotions depends on the mood of the love poem.

Tips on writing great love poems for her

Writing a love poem for the first time might seem pretty intimidating. You might sit with a pen and paper, and end up staring at a blank page for hours. But once you get the hang of it, there’ll be absolutely no looking backs in your poem writing sessions. Now, if you’re writing a love poem for the first time, here are some tips that’ll help you write the poem better.

1) The first thing that you need to do is choose a form. Originally, love poems were written in sonnet forms. However, there’s absolutely no hard and fast rule about it. Choose form that perfectly articulates your feeling and goes with your mood.

2) As you start with the poem, make sure that the words come straight from your heart. As I said earlier, love can never be faked. So, your poem too needs to look and feel real. Write what you feel. Pen down those thoughts that overpowers your mind and soul. Do not force things, rather, write the lines; that comes straight from your heart.

3) While writing the poem add some hints of nostalgia to it. Remember how you first met your loved one? Write some memories about that meeting or any other meeting that has left a lasting impression in your heart. A tad bit of nostalgia will make your poem even more engaging and compelling.

4) As you write the poem, you can add some comparisons about how your life was before, and how it changed after the advent of that special person in your life. Tell a story in your poem.

5) Pay proper attention to the rhyme scheme of the poem. Yes. Love poems can always have abstract rhyme schemes. However, whatever is the scheme, make sure it perfectly syncs with your mood.

6) Finally, as you complete the poem, revise as much as you can. Trust me: good revision is the key to writing a proper and well-written poem. So, if you consistently revise it, chances are, that it can never go wrong.

A sample poem

Me and you…

A moment of unalloyed ecstasy..

Me and you, sitting under a starlit sky..

Me and you, seemingly two, but one in soul..

The rhythm of our love pulsates through my nerves

Me and you, under a starlit sky

The stars are watching us,

And we too show them

How it feels to be a beautiful crescent moon

The unselfed, inseparable, moon..

Our love binds us and brings us closer with each passing day,

We evolve in the warmth of our love

Indifferent to people, ignorant to speculations, we rise..

We look into each other’s eyes; A deep , intense gaze

And we know, this is the very moment of unalloyed ecstasy

This is the moment that unites us, binds us, brings us closer

This is the moment that fuses us in a timelessly beautiful land..

I had written this poem ‘Me and You’ for my girlfriend while we spent hours of doing nothing under a starlit sky. At that point of time, I had no particular thoughts. All I wanted to do is, be with her and cherish every single moment. And that’s exactly what I did. It was at that very moment when I realized that we are not two different people, but one single entity. Just like crescent moon, we were one, inseparable, unselfed entity. There were people who were not happy with our relationship. There were people who speculated the future of our relationship. But at that very moment, I didn’t care. Nothing concerned me except our love. Nothing concerned me except the immense impact that she had in my life. This poem is about our love that keeps us alive. It is about the kind of genuine and beautiful love that we share, and the love that is our driving force. This is a poem celebrating the greatness of our love

So, now that you know these invaluable tips for writing a good love poem, wait no further, and get started with the poem right away. Good luck!